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Our Culture

Since our founding in 2005, we’ve developed a culture where our employees can thrive—while creating innovative ways to improve results for our members.

Employees Enjoy

A supportive community that values communication

Learning and developing new skills to advance your career

Being part of a team that values trust and transparency

Making a positive impact on our clients and the communities we serve

Our 5 Core Values

Commit to Lifelong Learning
Make a Difference
Build the Advantage Family
Take Initiative and Be Resourceful
Create an Environment that Breeds Greatness

Career Opportunities 

Explore our openings across our Advantage and Forbes Books network. Join us in Charleston, SC or discover remote roles. 

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Our Leadership Team 

Get to know the leadership team at Advantage and why it’s our people that make the Advantage experience so unique.

Adam Witty

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Adam Witty is the Founder and CEO of Advantage Media Group, which includes Forbes Books — the the exclusive book publishing brand of Forbes Media, publisher of Forbes Magazine. What began in the spare bedroom of his home is now one of the most respected independent business book publishers in the world with 2,000+ authors in 44 U.S. states and 14 countries.

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Beth LaGuardia

Chief Marketing Officer

Beth LaGuardia Cooper oversees brand, PR, and marketing strategy and operations for the organization. She also leads delivery of Authority Media Services for clients in the areas of online media and engagement and public relations.

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Evan Schnittman

Chief Publishing Officer

As Chief Publishing Officer (CPO), Evan Schnittman helps develop offerings for Members that widen reach, enhance impact, and accomplish goals both personally and professionally.

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Renée Barnstone

Chief Financial Officer

Renée’s mission is to lead and scale the company’s financial, administration and infrastructure needs to support the growth of the Company. Although a recent transplant to Charleston from Silicon Valley, her roots are in the northeast, with another 20 years in the southeast. She is thrilled to be back. Renée is licensed as a CPA and earned her undergraduate degree from Fairleigh Dickinson University.

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Marcie Baetcke

VP of Marketing

Leads our company marketing strategy and execution, building brand awareness and facilitating growth.

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Ben Douglas

SVP of Team Member Success

Ben Douglas leads the recruitment arm of Advantage|ForbesBooks, working to attract top performers to our team. He spends each work day networking, reaching out to ideal candidates, and shepherding applicants through our process.

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Melinda Hinson

VP of Authority Strategy

Melinda Hinson works directly with business leaders to build their Authority-building strategy. She works across the Forbes Books organization to lead vision sessions, Authority Blueprint workshops, and strategic growth conversations.

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Darryl LaPlante

VP of Business Systems

Darryl leads the Authority Institute, an in-house marketing agency for our authors. Project Managers work to keep deliverables on-time, on-budget and up-to-par with Member expectations. Darryl, in turn, situates Project Managers for peak performance.

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Mark Martin

SVP Finance

Overseeing all processing the financial activities of Advantage Media to maximize the organization's profits and plan for its growth.

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Natalie Mazzarella

VP of Media Services

Natalie Mazzarella is a dynamic marketing, media relations and brand executive of more than 15 years.

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Christina Wells

VP of Revenue

Leads our high performing sales team. Excels in aligning people, processes and systems to drive peak performance.

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John Witty

Senior Advisor

Aligning Finance, Operations, and Team Member Success teams for continued business efficiency and financial success.

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