Ben Douglas

SVP of Team Member Success

Ben Douglas leads the recruitment arm of Advantage|ForbesBooks, working to attract top performers to our team. He spends each work day networking, reaching out to ideal candidates, and shepherding applicants through our process.

Under Ben’s supervision, every touchpoint made with a candidate is a smooth, high-caliber experience. In light of our tremendous growth over the last several years, the continual, strategic intake of Team Members is critical.

Ben is heavily involved in setting the qualitative and quantitative parameters of each position. He helps managers discover what a given role will look like, from nomenclature to pay range, then creates a job description to capture this data.

Once approved, he begins the process of externally sourcing candidates, collecting applications, and conducting reference and background checks.

Ben brings the unique ability to discern a good candidate from an exceptional one. He is able to determine not only whether they fit well with the position, but whether they fit with our company culture. He puts systems in place to reinforce the structure of our recruitment process, while making it appear seamless and refined from the front end.

Prior to joining Advantage Media, Ben served in a number of HR and operations roles with Krispy Kreme. He handled recruitment, management and leadership development over his 15 year career with the company.

Discussion Topics:

  • Employee Relations
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Benefits Administration
  • Recruiting
  • Leadership Development