Dream On Award Spotlight: Nate Best

March 6, 2024

Written by
Lissie Kidd

“I am incredibly thankful to Adam and AMG for contributing toward this trip and giving us the opportunity. I’m energized to do more traveling now!” –Nate Best, Editorial Manager

The Dream On Initiative

Adam Witty, developed the Dream On initiative to encourage the employees of Advantage | Forbes Books to develop lifelong goals—including continuing education, travel, career, and personal development. To be considered for a Dream On award, employees must first create a Dream On board with their goals.

Each year, one team member is chosen to receive a Dream On award and check off one of the dreams on their dream board. The recipient is chosen based on their overall contribution to the team, as well as how well they exemplify the core values of Advantage.

Meet Nate Best

Nate Best, Dream On recipient, is an Editorial Manager at Advantage. He helps Members through the publishing process from the initial kickoff through the Line Edit phase. This includes reviewing the content and providing feedback and support to Members along the way—while helping them manage their timelines. He also works with the freelance ghostwriters and editors on each project.

Nate exemplifies the values of Take Initiative and Be Resourceful and works to Create an Environment that Breeds Greatness every day and was chosen for his commitment to providing exemplary work and maintaining his positive work ethic.

Traveling in Rome and Sicily

“My favorite spot was probably Pompeii. It was amazing to walk around the whole city and see the ruins of an advanced civilization. Rome was also just a wonderful city to spend time and walk around in. The food was amazing, and there was always something interesting to see!”

Nate Best in Pompeii

Nate traveled with his wife, Kelsey, to Rome, Italy and spent the second half of the trip in Sicily. While both of them had traveled internationally before, they never traveled internationally together, making it an especially memorable experience for them as a couple.

They chose Italy because of the history, art, and food—all of which they enjoyed tremendously!

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