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To grow your Authority and widen the scope of your prospect base, you need a digital strategy that evolves alongside a fluctuating digital landscape.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is one way to support your personal branded search presence and ongoing traffic to your owned media properties. Gain strategic recommendations for enhancing your online presence through keyword research, competitive analysis, and more.

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Choose the SEO content package that works for you!

Executive Visibility Edge

Investment: $795/month

We’ve designed our Executive Visibility Edge package for those who have time to play the long game toward greater visibility and Authority. Supplement the content your team is creating with an additional blog article once a week from our team. This is an ideal option to fill in the cracks in your content team while on a budget.

  • Blog Articles: Four blog articles a month. Two hours will be devoted to content review by a content specialist and an additional two hours entail review from an SEO specialist to ensure your content is primed for organic search.
  • Original Images: We will provide one original image per article. This value-add benefits you in search while streamlining your publishing process.

Executive Visibility Plus

Investment: $1,895/month

With double the number of blog articles, at two per week, you’re adding to your trove of thought leadership on your site and providing greater value for your readers. Each article is thoroughly vetted by our content and SEO teams to ensure high quality that will support your organic visibility in the search engines. This is ideal for business leaders looking to achieve more aggressive growth and visibility, and would like more of a full-service option.

  • Blog Articles: Eight blog articles a month.
  • Original Images: We will provide one original image per article. This value-add benefits you in search while streamlining your publishing process.
  • On-Page SEO: We’ll optimize your on-page SEO to ensure each article is ready for search. This includes internal linking suggestions, keyword integration, header optimization, and more.
  • Technical SEO: Technical SEO refers to behind the scenes work done to help ensure your pages are indexed by Google. We’ll provide structured data recommendations* for your content and adhere to technical SEO guidelines to improve the quality of your content.

    *Requires Advantage Media/Forbes Books site hosting
Option 1


Option 2


Keyword Research and Recommendations
Option 1
Option 2
Creation, editing, and SEO optimization of x blog articles each month
* Includes publishing of articles if Advantage Media hosts your site
Option 1

4 per month

Option 2

8 per month

One original image per blog article
Option 1
Option 2
Monthly On-Page SEO
  • Internal Linking (linking relative content pages together)
  • Optimization of headings and titles of each page for Search
Option 1
Option 2
Monthly Technical SEO
  • Structured data for top-of-search Google snippets to build authority
  • Optimization of page names
  • Page speed optimization (images, videos, and anything clickable)
Option 1
Option 2

Option 1


Option 2


Add On: Local SEO

Investment: $500/month*

Gain greater visibility among your target audience with an optimized Google My Business profile. Perfect for local businesses, this one-time investment helps ensure that your prospects can find you with ease locally.


  • Google My Business Profile: We will develop, or revise, your Google My Business profile in accordance with best practices for maximum visibility
  • Google My Business Optimization: We’ll optimize and flesh out your profile with appropriate keywords, and include high-value information which may include: Q&As, images, accurate hours, and more so your profile breeds confidence among your potential customers and is more attractive to search engines.

$3,000 minimum 6 month agreement

In Their Words

Discover what our members are saying about us—and what it means for our members to come first.

I’m very pleased with my experience with the Advantage Audio Podcast Program... I believe the entire series is something we can all be very proud of, thank you.    

frank delane of telemark headshot

Frank Delane 

CEO of Telemark, Inc. Patient 

I knew I was working with seasoned professionals dedicated to one thing and one thing only—making me the most successful, prominent, sought-after Authority in my market." 

carla moore author speaker coach

Carla Moore 

Former HBO Vice President Street

Yes, I've improved my personal brand but also the brand of my business OSF Digital has benefited from this too. 
gerarld szatvanyi headshot

Gerard Szatvanyi  

Co-Founder, President & CEO of OSF Digital 

Their team is the best in the business. Their strategic guidance, customer focus, and best in class approach has elevated my brand and authority in the field of career coaching. 

cicely simpson leadership coach headshot

Cicely Simpson

CEO of the Summit of Public Affairs

We experienced immediate engagement. We have seen an uptick, not only in the number of clients, but also the quality of those clients. 

peter strauss headshot

Peter J. Strauss, J.D. LL.M.

Founder and Chief Executive of Strauss Global

Hosting a podcast was an incredible way to deliver value to my network with content from thought leaders, but it was also a great way to shine a light on the people that I want to work with the most and help me deepen my relationships with them. 

mari tautimes headshot

Mari Tautimes

Business Coach

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