The Post-Football Journey: Christian Ponder On Building A Community For Athlete Entrepreneurs

December 19, 2023

This week, Joe welcomes former Florida State star quarterback Christian Ponder, whose standout football career has led him to empower athletes in business. After being a first-round draft pick and wrapping up a run in the NFL, Christian co-founded The Post, aiming to provide a private community for athletes leveraging skills beyond sports.


Christian Ponder

Co-founder of The Post

Having faced assumptions himself, Ponder aims to combat the “dumb jock” stereotype and enable athletes to translate teamwork, leadership, and other intangibles into entrepreneurship. Armed with finance degrees on top of athletic prowess, he brings unique acumen to guide members of The Post.

Christian discusses challenging perceptions, establishing the athlete community, and transitioning from the arena to the boardroom. Tune in to hear Christian’s insights on blending championship football and business vision.

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