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Date & Time

July 30, 1-2 ET

Webinar Length
60 minutes

The Real ROI of Authorship

If you think that the success of a book is all about selling copies, you’re wrong. The return on your investment in a book is about leveraging that book to influence others and to open new doors for you and your business.

In this webinar you’ll learn how to measure the return on your investment to write and publish your book, and how to get the most out of your book for years to come. Hear from our CMO, Beth LaGuardia, and our VP of Media Services, Natalie Mazzarella, in this power hour webinar.

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Your Curated Agenda

  • Top publishing myths
  • Goal setting: How to succeed without selling a single copy of your book
  • 12 ways to leverage your book to outflank your competition
  • Real Author case studies
  • What our Authors wish they had known before they started

Your Webinar Speaker

Beth LaGuardia

Chief Marketing Officer

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Natalie Mazzarella

VP of Media Services

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