Public Relations Services

Secure coverage with top-tier media

Take your thought leadership to a local and national level with a team of PR professionals working on your behalf. Our customizable PR services and media promotion plans heighten awareness around your name, creating immeasurable value for your personal brand. If you want to be considered a true “expert” in your field, you need the prestige and reach PR provides.

What's Included

Tap into new audiences with the power of a seasoned public relations team.

Media messaging strategy and custom target outreach plan

Weekly proactive pitching
Coordination of submissions and media interview management

Coaching for on-camera appearances

Monthly media reports for increased transparency

The ROI of Public Relations

Extend your name recognition and discover new audiences through a host of digital, TV, and podcast media coverage.  

Greater Audience Reach

Tap into larger audiences and expand your potential customer base, driving awareness around you and your brand.

Build Trust with Your Audience

With many competing voices reaching the same audience, consumers turn to the voices that they trust the most. PR displays your insights and confirms your credibility to an increasingly skeptical audience.

Influence Prospects

A study from Neilson found that PR is 90% more effective than advertising for influencing customers.

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