LinkedIn Updates: Your Guide To Navigating the Currents of Change

April 1, 2024

Written by
Karlyn Ankrom

Social media is an endless ocean of opportunity. It’s also one that constantly ebbs and flows with change. To steer clear of the sandbars and sail towards success, brands need to monitor the changing tides—and also be willing to brave the waves of new trends and algorithm updates.

This post is your compass helping your brand maintain ‘true north’ and buoyant Authority throughout LinkedIn’s social media pivots.

Anchor on Evergreen Content for Sustained Engagement

This is a huge perk for those thought leaders and community builders looking to continue to build upon your Authority in 2024 (hint: that’s you!). LinkedIn’s algorithm now prioritizes content that offers knowledge, advice, and meaningful insights over formatting tricks or hashtag spam.

Avoiding the iceberg of poorly performing content is simple: Focus on sharing evergreen content that remains relevant and valuable over time, you can ensure posts have a longer shelf life and greater impact.

Do this by charting your course with insightful posts that amplify your expertise, whether through a short-form vertical video that shares a quick tip or a long-form article as a LinkedIn Newsletter.

Repurposing Existing Content

Setting sail towards a successful LinkedIn content strategy is simple when you already have a treasure trove of existing content to dig into.

An often underrated content strategy for social media is repurposing. By repurposing existing blogs, podcast transcripts, or email newsletters you can (and should) have all you need to launch an Authority-boosting LinkedIn Newsletter as soon as today.

LinkedIn Newsletters amplify your visibility by sending notifications to your network and delivering content directly to the email inboxes of less active users, ensuring your brand remains top of mind.

Incorporating evergreen content into LinkedIn Newsletters aligns with the platform’s focus on knowledge sharing. Leveraging enhances your brand’s visibility due to its high volume of daily visitors. This strategy benefits from the platform’s significant domain authority.

LinkedIn ‘Creator Mode’ is Gone

For those on the fence about whether to opt into Creator Mode, the decision has been made for you. LinkedIn has decided to sunset Creator Mode, meaning all users will now receive equal access to Newsletters, Live Video or Audio Events.

This all-inclusive access offers an excellent opportunity for professionals to engage with their audience in real time, share their expertise, and build a more interactive community.

Using Hashtags on LinkedIn

The traditional discoverability use case of hashtags on LinkedIn is less important than on other platforms because relevant mentions and indicators are typically included with the post already.

That being said, 3-5 targeted hashtags can act as a flare to help catch the attention of a broader audience, ensuring your message reaches distant social shores. Need a quick rundown of the most popular ones? Here’s your list.

Watch for Subtle Changes in Performance

Conditions can change quickly when you’re out on the social media waters. These subtle swells signal quick, actionable changes to keep an eye out for in early 2024:

  • Topic hashtags in the profile’s top bio section have been removed. This may make it harder ‘at-a-glance’ for your audience to know which topics you cover the most. To combat this, ensure you optimize your title/headline for common keywords that you’d like to be found for on LinkedIn.
  • The addition of a new “subscribe to my newsletter” call to action (CTA) button – further proves LinkedIn is doubling down on Newsletters.
  • The “See More” click is no longer a key factor in determining algorithm reach. LinkedIn has adapted its algorithm to spot “broetry”—the practice of crafting posts with excessive spacing designed to encourage users to click to “See More.” This means LinkedIn is serious about its shift to focusing on quality material over formatting tricks.

Are you interested in learning more about increasing engagement on social media? Read our blog, How Thought Leaders Increase Engagement on Social Media.

Welcoming LinkedIn’s Authenticity

In a world where “algorithm hackers” promise shortcuts, LinkedIn is sailing toward a fundamental truth: authenticity above all. The north star of this platform is a focus on what truly matters—your expertise, your stories, and your unique voice.

Let’s welcome this shift to shore. Elevate your authority on LinkedIn by infusing your content—and, all of your social media content—with quality, value, and genuine insight. Remember, smooth sailing on social media isn’t just about sharing knowledge; it’s first and foremost about building meaningful connections.

Karlyn Ankrom, guest author, helps authors, speakers and thought leaders accelerate their authority in their industries by creating compelling content that leads to conversations and ultimately conversions.

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