Revolutionizing Medicine with AI: Insights from Dr. Hassan Tetteh

November 16, 2023

dr hassan tetteh, cardiac surgeon, discusses ai in healthcare podcast

This week, Joe speaks with Dr. Hassan Tetteh, an innovator at the forefront of applying artificial intelligence to transform healthcare.

On the show, he shares his unique perspective as an AI insider on how these technologies can enable precision diagnostics, automate mundane tasks, and augment human expertise across healthcare. Dr. Tetteh discusses his vision for the thrilling potential of AI, while ensuring it is thoughtfully implemented to benefit patients and build a healthier future. Tune in for fascinating insights on the coming healthcare AI revolution from one of its leading voices, Dr. Hassan Tetteh.

Dr. Hassan Tetteh

cardiac surgeon

As a renowned cardiac surgeon, Dr. Hassan Tetteh has seen firsthand how AI and machine learning are fundamentally changing medical practice. In addition to his pioneering clinical work, Dr. Tetteh is a widely published author and sought-after speaker on using AI ethically and responsibly in medicine.

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