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November 29, 2023

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Are you a business leader, CEO, or thought leader and struggle with visibility? Advantage Media is the media services partner of Forbes Books and we’re here to help build your authority. Today, we’d like to share how our book promotion services will help build your credibility, increase sales, and drive visibility.

Advantage Media Book Promotion Services

The best part about Advantage Media is you have access to all the experts of Forbes Books, but at a lower cost than Forbes Books. We’ve published over a thousand books so far, and no two authors are the same. One of the most impactful things we’ve learned about our authors is none of them need or want the same services.

Our authors come from all walks of life and industries, from medicine and dentistry to industrial engineering and finance. Since our members are so diverse, it makes sense that authors will have a myriad of different needs and goals from their book promotion services.

For example, you could buy additional advertising to increase visibility with American Library Association librarians and American Booksellers Association bookstores. Besides advertising, we build custom keyword strategies on Amazon for our authors to reach Amazon Best Seller status. Whether you have thousands of fans online or only a few, we’ll help position your brand as the leader in your field.

Book Seeding Services

Product seeding is nothing new, but it needs to be done with your brand authority in mind. This is why every author has their own Book Promotion Coordinator that strives to advise on all aspects of product seeding. For example, your Book Promotion Coordinator will help ensure your book is seeded at the right time.

Our Book Promotion Coordinator are experts and educators in the algorithm used by Amazon to rate books. Simultaneously, they’ll start their seeding campaigns for members of the NetGalley and Goodreads communities. This campaign includes digital downloads of your book and giveaways inside both communities.

The Goodreads and NetGalley communities are massively influential, so we give away books to the most prolific reviewers. This book giveaway strategy not only increases sales of your book, but also creates a buzz around your brand.

According to Harvard University, Goodreads has at least 125 million members with 3.5 billion books downloaded. With 125 million members, it’s great to have access to that kind of community. However, how do you distinguish yourself from the competition of 3.5 billion books?

Advantage Media separates itself from our competition because we know how to get your book in front of those looking for your expertise. Our book seeding service is the start of that, followed by our strategically placed reader reviews.

Reader Reviews

Our seeding campaign will get your book in front of your audience on Amazon. The only thing that matters more than a review is reviews from the most consistent and trustworthy reviewers.

Amazon holds a 74% hold on U.S. digital books, and an astounding 50% of print books. With fierce competition to rank inside Amazon, you’ll need professionals with decades of experience. We ensure the reviews are substantial and offer insight that potential buyers are looking for.

advantage media books in organizer
advantage media books

Publishing Industry Reviews

Although Amazon takes a large percentage of book sales, there are higher authorities in literature. For example, Booklife by Publishers Weekly, Foreword Clarion, Kirkus Indie, and Readers Favorite are giants in the publishing industry.

We guarantee all reviews are done by their editorial staff to ensure the reviews are valuable and well-written. If you don’t like the reviews for any reason, you can choose the review to be archived online for future use.

The reviews will be ready within two months for use on your website, book pages, or marketing materials related to your book. This allows us to help build your authority inside Amazon, but also within the publishing industry.

Book Awards

Reviews are great, but having great reviews and an award to include makes you that much more reputable and authoritative. We submit your book for the following associations:

An award such as the IBPA Ben Franklin seal on your book shows readers they can trust your book. It’s no secret books with visible awards are more likely to be bought because consumers have higher confidence they are worth their money.

4-Month Book Launch Publicity Campaign

During the four months of book promotion, the Advantage Media staff strategically places you in front of your audience. As not all audiences are the same, we rely on our Senior Public Relations Manager and Director of Public Relations. Terry Stanton and Miguel Casellas-Gil have well over 30 years of combined PR experience.

They will help you land publicity spots in your industry trade journals, blogs, magazines, and much more. Our authors have been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Times Magazine, and have been seen on Fox News and CNN. This is all possible because of our one-of-one PR team at Advantage Media.

How Is Advantage Media PR Different From Our Competitors?

Our Public Relations team is very data-driven in everything they do for our members. Our team spends hours of data analysis on each author to create the best plan possible for increasing visibility. Accompanied by our deep media relationships, this analysis leads to creative angles and opportunities that separate us from our competitors.

Advantage Media focuses on thought leadership and has all the tools to promote and position our authors as leaders in their field. Most PR teams don’t have the experience promoting thought leadership because it’s always been about the corporate brand. At Advantage Media, we ensure our authors personal brand comes first.

Amazon Best Seller Program

Our coordinators will build your Author Central profile, making you eligible for the Amazon Best Seller Program. Once you’re in the top five in your industry, you get the treasured Amazon Best Seller seal. Not every author achieves this feat, but with our help, it’s an attainable goal with life-changing results.

Wanting to become an Amazon Bestseller? Read our blog 4 Steps To Becoming an Amazon Best Seller.

Amazon Advertising Strategy

First, your Book Promotion Coordinator researches and creates a keyword strategy to use in your campaign. The keywords they choose will position your brand to achieve bestseller status. We then use these keywords to highlight the value of your book with professionally designed content.

Advantage Media’s goal is to always reach readers who are interested in your book’s genre and are ready to buy. This strategy takes time, but you’ll receive a robust weekly analysis on the effectiveness of your ad campaign and sales related metrics.

*Services vary based on package

Final Thoughts

Advantage Media is known as one of the most reputable and effective media services in the book publishing industry. Our Book Promotion services will substantially increase your visibility, conversions, and authority. We help you reach relevant publications, TV shows, and radio/podcast stations.

Not everybody qualifies for our services, but if you think you’re the best in business for your industry, reach out for our free consultation!

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