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Amplify Your Authority, Earn a Competitive Advantage

Wherever you are on the path to Authority, Advantage cultivates a personalized strategy that entails proactive and reactive content creation and amplification for maximum results.

The Journey From Strategy to Authority

Arriving at the pinnacle or Authority is highly rewarding—but the path is not linear. It’s a journey with many on-ramps and twists. Those who have achieved success advise the value of navigating the path with an expert guide. That’s where Advantage comes in, helping you grow, influence, and lead as a differentiated expert in your field.

We start with your goals and purpose, building a strong brand, content, and audience strategy to illuminate the best path forward.

Then we create and amplify compelling content to position you as a thought leader, through a proven proactive and reactive engagement program.

Your growing thought leadership achieves rising levels of Authority and impact, with rays that extend far and wide, allowing you to climb to a position where you stand alone from your competitors on the summit – giving you a distinct advantage.

Our Suite of Authority Solutions

Discover the foundation of our customizable Authority strategies—our Authority solutions.

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Brand Strategy

A differentiated and powerful personal brand strategy is one of the most overlooked and underrated components of an effective Authority building plan.

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Content Writing

Develop a strategic framework for your annual content strategy with our curated monthly strategic content recommendations and done-for-you content development.

Personal Brand Website

Build instant trust and credibility with a website that positions you as a teacher with something to teach as opposed to an operator with something to sell.

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Public Relations

Take your thought leadership to a local and national level with a team of PR professionals working on your behalf.

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We’ll help you transform your thought leadership into a professional series of podcasts, with industry A-list guest appearances.

Digital publication earned media

Audience Email Engagement

At Advantage Media, we work with you to develop an email strategy that encourages ongoing engagement with your brand.

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Social Media Strategy

Build upon your existing social media strategy, with consultation and personalized recommendations from social media experts.

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Personalized Ad Campaigns

Increase your following and accelerate your Authority-building opportunities—and the quality of your results.

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Book Publishing

Earn greater press coverage, impress your audience base, and educate prospects and peers alike with a published book.

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We Meet You Where You Are

Determine your score in our Authority Maturity Model and discover actionable insights for leveling up and outperforming your competition.

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