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Advantage Media: Audience Engagement Services

October 16, 2023

Written by
Kyle Wycoff

Advantage Media is looking for business leaders and CEOs that want to increase their visibility and audience engagement. Our goal is to help leaders become more recognized in their communities, while establishing credibility and trust within their brands. If you’re a business leader achieving greatness but lacking your desired audience, our Authority Media Services can help.

Authority Media Services

Advantage Media specializes in ethically and organically improving your visibility with your target audience. Our digital media specialists research, design, and implement our proven strategies to increase your visibility, sales, and influence.

Responsive Website Design Services

A responsive website is one that performs well on mobile and desktop. Since Google officially moved to mobile-search first indexing in May 2023, it’s important to consider how to best display your content on mobile, considering UX and image optimization.

As Google states in their official documentation, “Google recommends Responsive Web Design because it’s the easiest design pattern to implement and maintain.”

Our web design team works with our SEO specialist and digital media specialists to create a world-class website. Every Advantage Member can choose their level of involvement with the website creation process. Whether you delegate the creative process to our experts or choose to be highly involved, we ensure you’re satisfied with the results.

Why Choose Advantage Media Website Design Service?

Each member website is designed with your audience and goals in mind. We ensure your website positions you as a top leader in your industry. Whether you want to showcase your speaking skills, recent book, or consultation services, we make sure your end goal is met.

Our team ensures that every component of your website, from the content to the images, enhances your image and provides clarity for your visitors. Furthermore, we make sure your website has a distinct feel to it that differentiates you from your competitors.

SEO Website Design

Our Director of Lead Generation and SEO specialist review your website to ensure all four areas of SEO are covered. We’ll conduct an SEO audit for your website to be 100% confident that best practices are implemented. We then work with our members to create the balance of SEO and business strategy.

We’ve created hundreds of websites designed with SEO best practices in mind. Our goal with every website is to heighten your name and brand so you can compete in a crowded marketplace.

We also keep your end users in mind by creating a website engagement strategy, allowing you to increase interaction with your prospect base. We identify keywords that are essential to your brand and help you “own” them. Most importantly, our optimizations work to boost your visibility through organic traffic.

Are Websites Only for Members with Books?

Absolutely not! As a media and publishing company, we’d love for you to become an author with us. However, not every business leader wishes to pursue authorship at this time. We understand that there are many CEOs and business leaders who need more exposure to improve their visibility.

If you’re interested in seeing what a website without a book looks like, check out Dr. Lisa Andrew’s personal brand website. Dr. Andrew’s website might not promote a book, but it’s opening up doors to speaking engagements, podcasts, and interviews.

Audience Engagement Campaigns

Besides creating a website and optimizing it for users, we run strategic, intentional audience engagement campaigns for our members. Each month we send emails to your audience to establish consistency and trustworthiness, building your Authority.

Content Creation Services

In addition to our customized PR engagement services, we create content, including articles and whitepapers. If you haven’t heard about our Dickens content service, it’s an incredible opportunity to increase traffic to your website.

The Dickens content service is a serialized content creation service that gives our members up to 18,000 words across twelve articles or whitepapers. We start with a master content plan that is created with our members, ghostwriters, and the Advantage Media marketing team.

Dickens provides a done-for-you approach for superior content strategy, allowing you to attract more visitors through organic traffic.

Content strategy meeting for new member

Why Choose Advantage Media Content Creation Services?

There are hundreds of media companies that offer similar services, but very few have the expertise and connections of Advantage Media. Let’s discuss three unquestionable benefits of our Dickens service.

The average book is between 45,000-50,000 words. Our Dickens service gives members 18,000 words over a twelve month period. Since the content is serialized and structured by our members, transitioning these articles or whitepapers into a book is easy.

Many of our members are achieving incredible results in their businesses, but lack any authority in their field. Our Dickens content helps our members significantly improve their visibility and authority online.
Combined with a personal brand website, It could also jump-start your blog and improve your SEO. All content is optimized with the current best practices of SEO to enhance your brand visibility.

Social Media Audit Service

In 2023-2024, social media tops the interests of content marketers and CEOs, per Conductor’s 2023 Marketing Report. With the advancements in AI content generation, things like eBooks and blog content are being supplemented with social media campaigns.

Our Director of Digital Strategy, Callie Hitchcock, and her team will perform a social media audit for you. They will comb through your presence on three social media platforms, such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram. They will show you where your strong points are and how you can strategically improve your social presence.

Once our social media audit is complete, you’ll have a guideline built for you to improve your personal brand recognition. If you’re interested in learning more about our social media audit services, please fill out our Request More Information form.

Podcast Production Service

With our customized done-for-you podcasting services, you can use your podcast to promote your executive thought leadership in any way you see fit. Our Director of Podcasts, Joe Pardavila, has over two decades of experience and handles all the hard parts. All you have to do is host the interview and Joe takes care of the rest.

For our podcast distribution, we place your podcasts on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, and SoundCloud. This ensures your podcast reaches your audience wherever they may be listening.

If you’re interested in learning more about the benefits of hosting a podcast, read our blog on Forbes Books.

Advantage Media Podcast

Final Thoughts on Audience Engagement Services

Advantage Media’s audience engagement services are specifically designed for business leaders and CEOs. We use a multifaceted media strategy to engage every channel to promote our members. We cater to our members’ goals, desires, and always consider your brand first.

If you’re a business leader setting the standard in your field, but can’t increase your visibility, we want to help. Advantage Media has all the resources, expertise, and drive to position you as the leader in your field. We look forward to collaborating and showing you why we’re the best in business.

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