What Is Full Service Podcast Production? Do I Need It?

May 15, 2024

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Lissie Kidd

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You’ve bought into the concept of podcasting and you’re looking to leverage your podcast as a thought leader in your space. Terrific! You’ve made the important decision to host your podcast—but now you need a plan to see it come to fruition. That’s where full-service podcast production comes in.

You’ve scoured the internet and connected with colleagues on the best methods for creating a podcast. Likely, you’ve heard tales from do-it-yourself hosts who attacked the aggressive learning curve to master everything from concept creation to scheduling to production and distribution.

But is this the right method for you?

We’ve created this guide to help you cut through the noise and learn what you could gain through a done-for-you podcasting service.

Podcast Creation Process: Getting the Lay of the Land

Podcasting isn’t for the weak of heart. With that said, you can absolutely invest time and money into it and produce significant results. Many have done so!

Many still prefer to leave the details and technical aspects of podcasting to the professionals—freeing up their time for other endeavors. The choice is up to you based on your personal preferences, schedule, and technical skills.

Before you decide between the DIY method and a production company, you need a foundational understanding of the podcasting process.

Steps for Creating a Podcast

  1. Create Your Podcast Concept
    In this primary stage, you will define your niche and scope of topics. This will aid your content calendar as you prepare for future episodes.
  2. Determine Demand as Proof of Concept
    Before you commit to your concept, you need to find out that there is sufficient demand behind it. Conduct a SEO review of your topic and ensure that these topics align with your target audience’s interests.
  3. Pick Your Podcast Title
    You’ve nailed down your concept and have properly vetted it. It’s time to create a catchy and clear name. Try to be concise. Remember, it has to be readable, or of the right length, even if the viewer is on a mobile device.
  4. Develop a Year Topics
    Outline a content calendar for at least the next six months, preferably a year. Taking an overarching look at your content can help ensure that your topics align well without sacrificing originality. This doesn’t lock you in, but it helps you maintain organization and think ahead.
  5. Create Podcast’s Thumbnail
    It’s time to exercise your creativity with an eye-catching title card. This is what will be displayed to represent your podcast on streaming platforms, such as Spotify. If you aren’t comfortable using platforms such as Adobe or Canva, we recommend contacting a 3rd party to assist you.
  6. Create Podcast’s Music and/or Intro Music
    Music is an essential element of your podcast that will welcome the listener during your intro and smooth over transitions. Make sure your chosen music is free of royalties or copyrights.
  7. Schedule Guests 2-3 Months in Advance
    Notable guests are just as busy as you are! If you want them to appear on your podcast, reach out several months in advance to secure their schedule, and explain the scope of the episode they’d appear on.
  8. Purchase Podcasting Equipment
    It’s time to research and compare various podcast equipment. Your microphone must be high on your priority list. If you’re starting out, look for a dynamic mic that doesn’t require a mixer. This will help you save money without diminishing your quality.
  9. Choose a Podcasting Software
    You can’t create a podcast without podcasting software. Look at options like StreamYard for high-quality streaming and invite guests to your virtual studio.
  10. Choose and Set Up Your Recording Location
    Sound is everything when it comes to the quality of your podcast. You will need to find, or create, a soundproof room. You can add acoustic panels to the room, or for a less aesthetic method, you can layer soft materials like quilts and clothes to absorb some of the sound.
  11. Create Your Episode Outline
    An episode outline is essential for making sure you’re staying on topic, staying on time, if there’s a limit, and cueing your guest.
  12. Record a Podcast Episode
    It’s finally time to record your first episode! Brush up on your outline and start your podcast.
  13. Edit and Finalize Your Podcast Episode
    Even flawless podcasts need a slight tune up and polish. You, or your producer, will edit the podcast for clarity, time, sound quality and include your intro and outro music.
  14. Distribute and Share Your Podcast
    Upload your finalized podcast episode on all popular streaming devices, such as Spotify, Youtube, Apple Podcasts, iHeartRadio, and more.
  15. Promote Your Podcast
    You’ve created excellent content. Now it’s time to let everyone know about it! Create accompanying social media posts with the link or align your blog content to the same topic and link to it for readers to learn more.

What Is a Podcast Production Service?

If your eyebrows are knit together by the end of that list, you might be interested in a simplified approach. Podcast production services offer an easier way for you to get your podcast up and running.

Instead of researching the best podcast microphone for hours on end, you can focus more on bringing your best to your podcast episodes. This allows you to focus on your thought leadership rather than the nitty-gritty details of organizing and producing your podcast.

Please note, not all production services are made equal. Some will expect you to manage various aspects of your production that others may not require. Make sure you understand the full scope of what you will provide and, most importantly, what they will provide.

Choosing a Podcast Production Service

Who you partner with will ultimately determine the quality of your podcast and your enjoyment of the process.

To help you choose the right partner, we put together this quick questionnaire.

  • What specific tasks are up to me to complete during the process?
  • What is the estimated time commitment for my participation each month?
  • Do you offer video and audio formats of my podcasts?
  • Will you develop all digital assets, including my title card and music?
  • Do you schedule guests for each podcast?
  • What are examples of A-list guests who’ve appeared on your client’s podcasts?
  • Do you offer co-hosting?
  • Do you provide guidance on how to best present myself as a host?
  • Where do you distribute the podcast to?
  • What sets you apart from the competition? Why should I choose you?

By understanding the full scope of what various companies provide, you can choose the right production partner that aligns with your needs.

Podcasting the Advantage Media Way

“Hosting a podcast seemed like a huge undertaking. After months of research, I chose Advantage | Forbes Books because of their reputation in the industry. They did not disappoint. They book high-profile guests, the production is exceptional, and the process is simple. I show up – talk to interesting and relevant people – then wait for my flawless recording to go live.”Greg Shepard, CEO and founder of BOSS Capital Partners

At Advantage, we boast premier podcasting production, offering a done-for-you approach for business leaders looking to amplify their voice. We’ll help you transform your thought leadership into a professional series of podcasts, with industry A-list guest appearances.

Request a free consultation to learn more about amplifying your voice with podcasting.

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