Social Media Strategy

Upgrade Your Influencer Status

Integral to your content strategy, social media allows you to meet audiences where they are, growing a following and engaging them with relevant topics. To build upon your existing social media strategy, we offer consultation and personalized recommendations to help you see greater results with your audience base.

What's Included

Unleash the power of a professional social media profile with our expert's customized recommendations. 

Audit of three existing social media profiles

Step-by-step refresh recommendations
Topical content suggestions

Ongoing strategies to leverage your growing assets and results

The ROI of a Social Media Strategy

Upgrade your social media profiles for greater brand awareness, engagement, and networking opportunities.

Increased Brand Awareness

A study from Instagram revealed that 90% of users follow at least one brand on social media. Social media is an effective tool for enhancing your brand awareness and keeping your audience engaged.

Competitive Positioning

Your brand strategy should consider who you are, what you say, and where you say it. According to Sprout Social, 92% of business leaders think social media improves competitive positioning.

Social Proof

In this digital age, consumers value the recommendations and reviews of other consumers. As companies and even leaders are often seen through a skeptical lens, social media allows you to humanize your brand while welcoming reactions from your customers.

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