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Your Personal Brand, Amplified

A differentiated and powerful personal brand strategy is one of the most overlooked and underrated components of an effective Authority building plan. At Advantage Media, we consider brand strategy to be the core pillar underpinning our entire Authority Maturity Model.

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What's Included

Define, strengthen, or revise your brand strategy with expert insights from the Advantage team.

Personalized consultation to identify areas of need or focus
1-page strategy with the three P’s 

Purpose: What you are uniquely offering and who you are uniquely offering it to

Positioning: How you will communicate your brand purpose, considering topics, sub topics, and brand personas

Performance: Reinforce your purpose and positioning by identifying your unique branding characteristics and how they connect to your brand experience

Recommendations for enacting your brand strategy
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The Value of Brand 


Stand out from the crowd with a clearly defined and amplified brand strategy.

Brand Differentiation

A strong brand identity and strategy helps you stand out from the crowd, giving your brand a competitive advantage. The more that your audience knows and understands your brand, the easier it will be for them to remember and interact with you.

Content Alignment

A documented brand strategy provides clarity for identifying your content strategy—knowing what to create and where to distribute it.

Cohesion and Clarity

A cohesive experience for your audience creates a stronger impression that can lead to future opportunities and engagement.

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