Reveal Your Inner Beauty: A Conversation with Plastic Surgeon and Author, Dr. Dennis Schimpf

October 26, 2023

dr dennis schimpf forbes books podcast

Discover the transformative power of plastic surgery and find inner beauty with renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Dennis Schimpf.

We dive into the wisdom from his bestselling book Finding Beauty: Become a Better You Through Plastic Surgery, including how to use plastic surgery wisely to reveal your unique inner beauty. Dr. Schimpf also shares profound lessons on self-acceptance, living authentically, and seeing beauty in everyone. Join us for an eye-opening and inspiring conversation about the intersection of outer appearance and inner beauty with the talented Dr. Dennis Schimpf. Discover how to unleash the power within and live your best life.

Dr. Dennis Schimpf

founder of the Sweetgrass Plastic Surgery

Dr. Schimpf shares his incredible journey to becoming an acclaimed plastic surgeon and founder of the esteemed Sweetgrass Plastic Surgery. He reveals how he helps patients restore confidence and transform their lives through thousands of reconstructive and cosmetic procedures each year.

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