Dream On Spotlight: Laura Rashley

March 19, 2024

Written by
Lissie Kidd

“The memories we made in Ireland, and the love and support of the Advantage Media team, is something we’ll never forget and always be grateful for.” – Laura Rashley, Associate Managing Editor

The Dream On Initiative

“I’ve been a part of the Forbes Books team since 2017 when I joined as an Associate Editor. In 2021, my manager nominated me for the Dream On Award, I later learned, to recognize my commitment to our organization throughout the years.”

The Dream On initiative was created by the Advantage Media CEO, Adam Witty, to spur personal growth, achievement, and goal-setting for each Advantage team member. Each year one team member is chosen for the Dream On award to recognize their excellence and commitment to Advantage’s core values.

Meet Laura Rashley

Laura, recently promoted to Associate Managing Editor, was an Editorial Manager at the time she received her award. She’d spent the past few years creating dozens of SOP documents as well as database management procedures—work that didn’t fall within her job description, but she applied a cheerful attitude filling a need that she saw. Now, as the company’s Associate Managing Editor, she oversees the editorial department.

Laura received the Dream On award to recognize her achievements, her diligence, and her adherence to the values:

  • Create an Environment that Breeds Greatness
  • Make a Difference
  • Build the Advantage Family
  • Take Initiative and Be Resourceful
  • Commit to Lifelong Learning

Laura continues to serve her team in any way she’s capable, always being the first to cheer them on and champion them at every opportunity.

Traveling in Ireland

Laura was awarded her dream to travel the Irish countryside, and that’s what her husband and herself did for a week in December of 2022. They got engaged on the Howth cliff sides outside of Dublin in 2019, and they’d always planned to go back for their honeymoon. However, their wedding and honeymoon plans were disrupted by the pandemic lockdowns.

This trip allowed them to finally celebrate their marriage—and Laura’s husband’s birthday, which fell during the week they traveled.

Over the course of eight days, they traveled between four towns along the southern coast, staying in incredible hotels and taking advantage of the tours and attraction tickets that were included with the award.

“From visiting the Guinness factory to exploring more of the cliffs to seeing Ireland in the Christmas season, it was a magical trip that we never would have been able to take on our own.”

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