The Authority Blueprint

The Insights You Need to Succeed

To become the “go-to expert” in their field, you need a high-impact online presence that will help you make the impact you want and deserve. Your Authority goals may be to grow audience awareness, create speaking and PR opportunities, or open doors to new client or partner value. Understand where you stand as a thought leader in your industry and get a customized roadmap to up-level your thought leader status with an Authority Blueprint.

Designed for top leaders who understand the market power of strengthening their thought leadership through a strategic digital media presence.

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*Investment in the Authority Blueprint is credited toward any services that you might subsequently engage in with us to build your Authority.

Blueprint Components

This Authority Blueprint first explores all components of your digital brand to determine what is working—and what isn’t. Then we take stock of your brand goals, audience landscape, and key messages to outline a custom roadmap with the most effective ways to accelerate your thought leadership and make it work smarter for you from now forward.

  1. Share of Voice Analysis
  2. Audience Overview
  3. Competitor and Peer Comparison
  4. SEO Analysis
  5. Social Media Audit and Detailed Recommendations
  6. Content Positioning and Platform Publishing Recommendations
  7. Digital Footprint Audit
  8. Brand Strategy Recommendations

With your blueprint in hand, you are equipped with valuable insights and a plan to heighten your thought leadership performance.

Grow Your Personal Brand & Attract Prospects

Are you your industry’s best kept secret? Are you losing opportunities to your competitors or simply looking to attract readers and opportunities with the media?

In a competitive marketplace, your personal brand must stand above the rest. To accomplish this, you need more than content that resonates. You need to derive value from every facet of your personal brand, from your website to your social media, PR hits, and thought leadership articles.

To determine the value of your personal brand – and how you can maximize it – you need a team of media professionals.

To say that I was blown away with what we accomplished together during our Authority Audit would be an understatement! Without a doubt, we accomplished more in that day than I had the entire previous year."

Liz Hilliard

Co-Founder of Hilliard Studio Method

The Authority Audit: What’s Included

The Authority Audit is our most comprehensive personal brand audit, inclusive of a Media Audit, a Social Audit, and a Digital Audit—so you truly know where you stand among your peers and the specific strategic bets that will differentiate you as THE expert in your field.

Media Audit

Understand how you, your company, your peers and competitors are being covered, including current share of voice and opportunity areas. You will also receive an overview of trending conversations, sample pitches and messages that will uniquely position you to get the news placements you want.

Social Audit

Receive customized reviews and recommendations to up-level your LinkedIn profile so you can attract more followers and engagement. In addition, your media specialist will provide tactical ideas for content plans, methods to cross-promote your content across various platforms, and educate you on “best practices” for content creation and social media.

Digital Audit

Discover proven strategies to position your content at the top of results for high-value words or phrases where your audience is searching. You’ll be presented with an analysis of how effectively your brand is working today, including gaps that can be “won” on third-party platforms. Receive a customized roadmap for refining your brand strategy and establishing a digital footprint that emanates trust and credibility, connecting and building relationships with audiences you want to reach and influence. 

Design my Authority Blueprint!

Purchase Now $1,495

*Investment in the Authority Blueprint is credited toward any services that you might subsequently engage in with us to build your Authority.