Book Publishing for Business Leaders 

Your Ultimate Authority Tool

Earn greater press coverage, impress your audience base, and educate prospects and peers alike with a published book. At Advantage Media, we’ve helped over 2,000 authors turn publishing into a reality. Unlike other publishing companies, we give you creative control and the rights to your book so you can realize maximum value and satisfaction from your achievement.

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What's Included

Your seamless end-to-end publishing service, with expert guidance from initial ideation through post-launch strategy.

Personalized Master Authority Plan

Chapter by chapter topic ideation 

Premium ghostwriting services

Distribution and promotion  

Book reader review campaign 

Publicity campaign to support your book’s launch

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The Advantages of Book Publishing

Join an elite grouping of thought leaders as a published author and enjoy the following benefits.


As a published author, you join an elite group of individuals who not only thought about publishing a book, but actually did it. This distinction earns you prestige and credibility.

Speaking Opportunities

As a published author, you may be able to secure top speaking engagements and command a speaking fee per event.

Media Opportunities

With “author of” in your title, the media and public alike perceive you as a credible source in your industry. Through PR campaigns, you can receive

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