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The Authority Advantage

August 17, 2023

Business leaders face two major problems when it comes to building trust: attracting an increasingly skeptical target audience and differentiating your brand from competitors.

Tune into The Authority Advantage Webinar for strategic solutions to these challenges and learn how becoming an Authority in your field can give you an unfair advantage in the marketplace.

By following our five steps to creating your Master Authority Plan, you can capitalize on your experience and earn greater interest, renown, and opportunities for your personal brand or business.

Speakers include Adam Witty, CEO of Forbes Books, and Rusty Shelton, CEO of Zilker Media.

Your Curated Agenda:

  • The Urgency of Building an Authority Advantage
  • Building Your MAP (5 Steps to Creating Your Master Authority Plan)
  • Understanding the New Media Landscape
rusty shelton author headshot

Rusty Shelton

Senior Marketing Strategist

Rusty Shelton is a bestselling author, dynamic keynote speaker, and successful entrepreneur. He has focused his career on helping leaders build thought leadership, writing three acclaimed books and speaking around the world to a variety of audienc...

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adam witty ceo headshot

Adam Witty

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Founded in 2005, Advantage Media publishes under its namesake Advantage Books and provides public relations, podcast, digital media, and serialized content services to CEOs, entrepreneurs, and leaders. In 2016 Advantage and Forbes...

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