The Business of Doing Good: A Conversation with Peter Scher from JPMorgan Chase

November 14, 2023

peter scher, vice president of jpmorgan chase forbes books podcast

How can business and policy work together to empower communities? Peter Scher, Vice Chairman of JPMorgan Chase, joins the Forbes Books podcast to discuss his unique career journey spanning both worlds. Learn how Peter helped reshape JPMorgan’s approach to corporate responsibility in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis.

Peter shares his guiding philosophy that business growth relies on community health. He explains how this win-win mindset is fueling JPMorgan’s community development initiatives from Detroit to Paris. Tune in for an uplifting conversation about how business can drive systemic change. Peter’s relentless optimism and collaborative leadership offer inspiration for making a difference in any field.


Peter Scher

Vice Chairman of JPMorgan Chase

Peter has an impressive story of leadership, beginning his career at JPMorgan Chase (JPMC) over 15 years ago after an accomplished career as a partner at a prestigious law firm and decades in public service. Today he’s the Vice Chairman, working closely with our CEO, overseeing several corporate and business functions of the company, including the firm’s business impact in communities around the world.

During his time at JPMC, Peter has led the evolution of the firm’s approach to corporate responsibility—one that now brings in all the resources of the bank to help solve the most pressing societal challenges in communities while driving business growth.

He was the architect of a $200 million investment in Detroit’s economic recovery following its bankruptcy. And the investment model created in Detroit is one the firm applies across the globe now, including in France.

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