Danielle Green

Brand Strategist

As the Brand Strategist for Advantage Media, Danielle Green is the expert on personal branding for members. She curates and delivers brand strategies that identify all key components of a member’s image, helping them to enhance their overall voice to present themselves optimally and cohesively online.

Danielle’s expertise in strategy and passion for storytelling has given her the unique ability to not only connect with clients, but also to help them hone in on their core messaging and find their “why” for their personal brand. Through her skills in communication, competitive market research, target audience comprehension, and social media coaching, she is able to unpack a client’s goals and deliver a robust and actionable strategy that will lay out a solid foundation for their brand.

Prior to joining the Advantage Media team, Danielle worked at Greenleaf Book Group as the Brand Strategist where she acted as the main point of contact for authors and thought leaders needing brand and social media strategies, platform development and social media coaching, and website development. While there, she was able to sharpen her skills for educating clients on how to promote themselves and elevate their personal brand from their company’s or book’s brand.

Before entering the book publishing industry, Danielle spent several years at GoDaddy as a Brand & Content Specialist, specializing in creating brand identities for companies, writing their core messaging, identifying their values and tone, and curating social media content for them to execute on.

Danielle is a native Texan, an avid reader, and an overall hoarder of books. In her spare time, you will most likely find her with her nose stuck in a book.

Insights from Danielle Green