Who We Are

We are more than media and publishing experts for business leaders. 

We are builders of Authority.

The Authority Approach

In the world of thought leadership, Authority is not a luxury; it’s a necessity — and it doesn’t happen by chance. You can establish yourself as a leading expert in your field through careful planning, strategic content creation and amplification, and a loyal and engaged network. In time, you will elevate and drive the conversation.

At Advantage Media, we help elevate your Authority as a cornerstone of your business strategy. Our services have enabled more than 2,000 Authorities to transcend competition, open doors, and influence audiences globally.

Our team of Architects is committed to working with you to craft, focus, and amplify your message. We are your thought leadership partner.

The Authority Maturity Curve

Through our experience working with hundreds of thought leaders, we have developed a framework with on ramps to assess and meet experts and business leaders where they are with a custom Authority plan. We call this the Authority Maturity Model.

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You are working to build your expertise and credentials as an expert. During this phase, you may establish a blog, social profile, or other owned platform to begin growing and engaging with your audience.

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You are experimenting and seeing some success with growing an audience and sharing your knowledge and experience. Through engagement and observation, you are crystalizing your purpose and core messages.

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You have become known as a “teacher” with something significant to share. You begin receiving opportunities driven by knowledge sharing rather than just paid marketing.

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You weave Authority-building efforts into your business plans and cadence of daily activity. You are becoming skilled in combining both proactive and reactive strategies to craft and amplify your messages. Other Authorities and brands want to leverage your growing influence and following.

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You are known as “best in class” and lead your peers as the “go-to” source on your topics. Brands pay to be associated with you. Your Authority allows you to command price and market power. Your Authority has become a part of your legacy.

The Story of Advantage Media

In 2005, Adam Witty founded Advantage Media to demystify and democratize book publishing through a done-for-you system that made publication an effortless experience. The company developed a system that helped turn busy CEOs and business owners into published authors.

After a period of significant growth, Adam took note of something critical. Once Authors were armed with a published book, they still needed guidance on leveraging the newfound “authority status” the authorship afforded. Out of this idea, a robust suite of solutions emerged that today are known as our Authority Media Services.

Forbes Media approached Advantage Media in 2016 to create Forbes Books. Our Forbes Books arm operates as the exclusive book publisher of Forbes, helping elevate business leaders who exemplify what it means to be “Best in Business.”

Today, Advantage Media, with its Forbes Books imprint, is the preeminent partner for building Authority, using our unique experience across publishing and media to differentiate business leaders, positioning them at the top of their field. We serve leaders who seek to build their authority brand, establish unmatched credibility as an expert, and truly lead their field into the future.

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