Frequently Asked Questions

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Our team of experts will reach out to you to set up a call where they will discuss your interests, goals, and existing scope of Authority. From there, our team will develop a personalized strategy for growing or sustaining your Authority, including a list of recommended Authority solutions. Each member is unique, and as such, we carefully craft your strategy to best encompass your goals and expectations.  

Our media experts are available to guide you through each solution and identify a suite of solutions to best maximize your results. Suggestions are made after considering your unique needs, goals, and existing standing along the Authority Maturity Curve.

The honest answer is it depends on what you’re doing and where in the process you’re starting. For members with an existing portfolio, results can be produced faster. However, our team is skilled at identifying a plan that will yield the most results in the shortest time possible. Enhancing your visibility online and growing your reputation takes time, but with us you go further, faster. 

Each month, our team creates and shares monthly performance reports with you. These reports will detail the value of your content and areas for improvement.

For better results, your Authority Advisor and team of strategists may suggest refinements, such as changing the length or focus of your content for better organic performance. Each quarter, we will hold a quarterly business review with you to go over progress and identify recommended pivots to help accelerate your results.

We offer a customized approach to Authority, tailoring our strategy and recommended Authority solutions to you. Authority is not something you can “set and forget.” If you’re already a differentiated Authority, we offer the advisory services you need to sustain your status and amplify your status given the fluidity of your environment and needs, and the market opportunities.  

We recognize that speaking is one step to building a reputation as a thought leader and authority. Our Authority services are designed to position you as a desirable thought leader on the platforms that matter most, creating a sure bet for event organizers seeking Authorities on your topic.

In addition, our PR strategists will create a tailor-made PR strategy that may include speaking engagements along with other forms of media, such as TV or radio coverage. Media breeds media, and this is a strategy that has proven successful for our Authorities who are looking to garner more live audience speaking engagements. 

In a word, YES! We tailor our solutions to meet you where you are and don’t offer you solutions you don’t need. Some of our Members have pieces of their Authority strategy in place but need help with others. Some have internal or external teams who support one or more aspects of their Authority building. We identify the places where we can be additive to your existing assets and collaborate regularly with other media experts to offer you a seamlessly integrated approach. 

Our work is highly data-informed. We provide monthly performance reporting and quarterly business reviews for our Members. Your Authority Advisor and your strategists will go beyond the numbers to provide insights and recommendations based upon performance and shifts in market opportunity that we are seeing.

With a view of hundreds of Authorities’ reports each month, we routinely glean insights into trends and opportunities that are working for peers and can be compared to your results or even applied to your strategy. Real-time reporting for media results can also be provided to deliver “in the moment” results, as appropriate.

We do! It’s common for us to work with a CEO on their thought leader strategy while other resources are dedicated to corporate branding and marketing. We also work with leaders to elevate their corporate brand and media strategy. Finally, we can apply everything we do to support a group, such as a c-suite team of leaders or other affiliated groups, who know that differentiation and sustainable growth requires growing their team of Authorities.

One great way to get started as a team is to request an exclusive workshop with our team where we can build your Master Authority Plan. We can do this at our headquarters in Charleston, SC, or at your location.  

Because we tailor our solutions to your needs, a consult is required to get to the structure that works for you in light of the work that will be required to meet your goals. Start by requesting a consult, and we can work through the details at the pace you set.