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When you publish your book through Advantage Books, you will have access to our robust book distribution plans. While publishing a book enables you to increase your authority without even selling a single copy, we also provide ample avenues for expanding your reach through online and brick and mortar distribution.

Book Distribution Basics

We believe that all great books deserve readership. Our distribution team works to place your book in libraries as well as premiere online retail sites — for both the Advantage Books and Advantage Books Plus publishing programs.

  • Online Retail Distribution

    When you sell your book on online retail sites, each visitor to the site is a potential customer. Our online retail distribution plan targets the leaders in online book sales, Amazon and Barnes and Nobles. In addition, your book will be available for purchase with dozens of other online retail stores — allowing you to extend your reach even further.

  • Distribution to Libraries

    Library sales enable you to gain traction with the thousands of library visitors each year, enhancing your brand visibility. Our distribution team works through wholesalers and specialty distributors to sell your book to the library; library sales are most successful for books meeting genre requirements with strong book reviews in trade journals.

Book Distribution: Advantage Books Plus and Forbes Books

Our Advantage Books Plus and various Forbes Books publishing programs offer greater distribution channels to enhance the success and visibility of your book.

  • Brick and Mortar Retail Distribution

    Selling your book at a storefront retail store may be your publishing dream. Yet, to successfully pitch and sell your book to a bookstore you need precise skill and timing. If you choose brick and mortar stores as part of your distribution plan, our highly-seasoned distribution team will champion your book to major chain bookstores and independents.

    Their decision to purchase your book will depend on their genre requirements, book promotion, and other factors that support the sale of your book. The selling rate of your book will determine if the retailer keeps the book in stock or requires a return of the book to the publisher. Our book promotion efforts are designed to support sales at both the online and offline level.

  • Airport Bookstore Distribution

    Hudson Booksellers is among the most exclusive bookstores, with a rigorous vetting process that yields only the best books. Hudson stores are located in select airports where there is substantial foot traffic — a valuable feature for the visibility for your book. Distribution at a Hudson bookstore means your book is easily viewed by traveling business leaders and executives.

    Book promotion plans include:

    • Three months of the hardcover front table placement
    • Placement in 90 stores
    • Minimum requirement of 1,000 books placed into stores

Exclusive Distribution Plans

Our premiere publishing program, Forbes Books Global, comes with a distinguished distribution plan that includes all of the above plus foreign language rights sales representation.

  • Foreign Language Rights Sales Representation

    By participating in our Foreign Language Rights program, your title will be featured at the London, Frankfurt, Bologna, and Beijing book fairs.

    Our foreign language rights team will:

    • Market and sell foreign language rights to your book to international publishers and potential rights buyers around the world
    • Actively pitch your book for five years
    • Handle all international tax forms and provide detailed sales reporting

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