Build Your Authority Strategy Webinar

Date & Time

March 27th, 12-1 PM ET

Webinar Length

60 minutes

In this one-hour webinar, we will walk you through seven integral steps to creating your Authority strategy. In a workshop format, you will be guided to create a first draft of your strategy – live! Bring your ideas and willingness to ask questions and participate.

With a blueprint for building your thought leadership or Authority, you can focus your valuable time and energy toward the most impactful strategies to achieve the results you want. Using these strategic building blocks, you can define a path forward that will pay dividends for years to come.

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Your Curated Agenda

  • Creating Your Authority Mission
  • Setting Strategic Authority Goals
  • Identifying How to Stand Out in the Crowd
  • Evaluating Your Current Authority Status
  • Determining Your Authority Resources
  • Drafting Your Authority Roadmap
  • Optimizing and Monitoring Your Strategy
  • Q/A Session

Your Webinar Host

Melinda Hinson
VP of Authority Score

Build Your Authority Strategy Webinar

We Meet You Where You Are

Do you know where you are on the path to Authority-status? Take our Authority Assessment to determine how effective your current thought leadership efforts are. We’ve created this assessment to help leaders like you determine where they stand and what services they need to reach their goal.

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