Your Surefire Guide To CRM Success

No More Leaving Money On The Table

By: Matt Mountain and Randy Davis


Pub Date: February 13, 2015



Implementing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software Can Be One Of The Most Important Decisions A Growing Company Can Make.

In Your Surefire Guide to CRM Success, Matt Mountain and Randy Davis— gurus and industry leaders—explain how your business can properly implement this software to receive a high return on your investment. Armed with this volume, you will learn how to:

• Define your company’s goals for proper CRM implementation

• Align employees to your vision

• Use software for not only sales but also marketing, operations, and customer service

• Use CRM to benefit your customers

• Continue maximizing and expanding your software in the future

Many companies struggle incorporating new software technology into their business model, but there is high potential for success if used correctly. If your company is considering the leap to CRM, this book is for you!

Matt Mountain and Randy Davis Consultant and NexGen Leaders

Matt Mountain is the Sales Leader at NexGen Consultants, a company that specializes in helping organizations maximize the value of their solutions. A Certified Developer, Matt has been…

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