Your Personal Retirement Machine book

Your Personal Retirement Machine

A Guide to Financial Freedom

By: Richard C. Cella III

Discover the path to financial freedom! After a life of hard work, it will finally be time to settle down and enjoy the freedom of retirement. But how do you know you’ll be able to realize that dream?

In Your Personal Retirement Machine, Richard Cella explains strategies to help you develop and accomplish your financial goals for a successful retirement.

Richard refers to this as financial freedom―the ability to do the things that you enjoy doing while living the lifestyle you prefer, and having the freedom to do this without monetary concerns.

First, you must adjust how you view your finances to ensure you make solid financial decisions. The book provides simple yet powerful analogies that help you do this, providing you with a clear path to accomplish true financial freedom.

You’ll learn how to:
• Correctly view your income and finances
• Think differently and innovatively about retirement planning
• Understand the impact of your financial decisions
• Utilize simple equations to calculate savings and retirement goals
• Establish investment allocation strategies
• Learn about “distribution strategies” during retirement.

Armed with the knowledge offered up in Your Personal Retirement Machine, you’ll have the information you need to generate, sustain, and protect your wealth throughout your retirement years and beyond.


Richard C. Cella III

Founder, Ipswich Bay Advisors

He is known for his innovative approach to financial planning and ability to communicate his message to listeners in retirement plans throughout the United States.

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