3d book cover of worth doing wrong

Worth Doing Wrong

The Quest to Build a Culture That Rocks

By: Arnie Malham


Pub Date: November 9, 2016



Business is hard. Arnie Malham, founder and president of cj Advertising, understands this thoroughly. But the challenges that make business hard are more than just obstacles–they provide the foundation to building and strengthening a culture that attracts the best people to do the best work.

In Worth Doing Wrong, Malham provides strategies for creating a culture that will help you smash business goals, achieve win-win relationships with your clients, generate buzz in your community, and cultivate a workplace that you and your employees will love.


Arnie Malham

Founder, cj Advertising

After graduating from the University of Mississippi in 1989 with a degree in finance, Arnie Malham spent a year in First American National Bank’s training program. He then spent four…

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