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Work Just Gets in the Way of Making Money

Simple Prosperity Through Real Estate Investing

By: Scott Jelinek


Pub Date: November 29, 2016



Do you feel stuck in a dead-end career? Would you rather work part-time, cash $25,000 checks regularly, and make $100,000 in just your first year? There’s more to life than what you are doing now. You have the ability to become self-sufficient and make serious money. The only thing holding you back is yourself.

Expert real estate investor Scott Jelinek understands how to achieve entrepreneurial success, and in Work Just Gets in the Way of Making Money, he shares strategies you can use to find, negotiate, and sell real estate.

You’ll discover how to:
• market for properties
• calculate and present effective offers
• obtain cash buyers for deals
• flip houses for selling or renting
• assemble a team of professionals
• set yourself free to live an awesome life

This isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme―you’ll still have to work hard and study. But by following Jelinek’s step-by-step action plan, you can gain the confidence and knowledge needed to become a successful real estate investor with a predictable income.

Scott Jelinek

Owner, Master Investor Academy

Scott Jelinek is a husband, father, entrepreneur, and full-time real estate investor. He has been investing in real estate since 1994 and has completed well over six hundred deals, continuing…

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