won with purpose 3d book cover

Won With Purpose

Positively Impacting Lives On And Off The Field

By: Andrew Limouris


Pub Date: October 16, 2017



So many businesses today focus on maximizing profits. In their pursuit of dollars and cents, they sacrifice employee happiness and customer satisfaction. In the end, these companies wither away.

Andrew Limouris believes that giving people a true purpose―something other than financial gain―leads to accomplishment, ultimately improving the company’s bottom line in the process. Won with Purpose
showcases Andrew’s attempts as the leader of a national staffing company and youth football
coach to cultivate a deeper purpose within his teams. He’s delivered incredible results by
doing so: satisfied employees, increased revenue, and unified teamwork. This book proves that success and purpose go hand in hand. Focusing on a deeper meaning to work brings true success to every individual and team.


Andrew Limouris

CEO, Medix

Andrew Limouris is the founder, president, and CEO of Medix, an international staffing organization specialized in recruiting skilled personnel in the healthcare, science, and IT industries. He founded the company…

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