3d book cover of Who scooped my bagel by Mary beall adler

Who Scooped My Bagel?

One Woman's Story of Love, Loss and Success

By: Mary Beall Adler


Pub Date: August 5, 2013



Without any formal business training, Mary Beall Adler took a floundering bagel bakery in Washington, D.C., and, against all odds, made it a success. In this revealing and touching book of struggle and joy, Mary tells her story of a difficult marriage, financial troubles and dashed dreams. A powerful survival instinct helped her find solutions to seemingly insurmountable problems.

An enticing read from beginning to end, Mary’s book reveals her talent for sharing her innermost thoughts. In doing so, she captures feelings of insecurity and triumph—universal emotions that will move and resonate with those who read about her ever-eventful world of bagels.


Mary Beall Adler

Founder, Georgetown Bagelry

Mary Beall Adler is a bagel baker, entrepreneur, creativity coach, mother, wife, and seeker of truth. She owns Georgetown Bagelry, a retail and wholesale bakery in the upscale Bethesda suburb…

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