We’re Going To Have To Let You Go

A Guide For Effectively--and Professionally--Terminating Employees

By: Isaac Hammer


Pub Date: December 10, 2015



Take the fear and loathing out of firing employees–for your own good and the good of your company. Employees―you respect, value, and care about them. This inevitably makes termination one of the most difficult tasks in doing business. Faced with this problem in his high-growth law firm, Isaac Hammer developed a system to alleviate much of the strife associated with the actual act of firing. You cannot control your employees’ emotions, but you can control yours. Inside, learn how to confidently:

• Manage the environment and the final conversation
• Take precautions to safeguard sensitive materials
• Ease the company through the sensitive days after a termination

No one likes to terminate employees, but with the proven techniques in We’re Going to Have to Let You Go, you can decisively navigate the process and keep your company focused and growing.

Isaac Hammer

Co-owner, Suttel, Hammer & White

Isaac Hammer is co-owner of Suttel, Hammer & White, a creditor’s rights law firm based in Seattle. Fresh out of law school, he and his wife and fellow attorney, Karen,…

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