The Village Chief

How to be the Youth Sports Coach Your Team Wants … and Your Village Needs

By: Steve Cleland


Pub Date: February 25, 2020



IT TAKES A VILLAGE… It takes a village to coach youth sports. If you’re the head coach, your role is village chief. You are responsible for bringing out the best in you, the assistant coaches, the parents, and the league, to help teach young people to work together. Coach Steve Cleland has coached youth sports teams for three decades, winning a few trophies and accolades along the way. In this practical and easy-to-apply book, Coach Cleland shows you how to become your village’s chief, and why that role leads to the most positive outcomes for all. He covers winning on and off the field, showing you what it takes to make a difference in each team member’s life. His guidance is tried-and-true, and he has helped dozens of teams of all ages across North America. Whether you coach five-year-olds on a neighborhood soccer team, an All-Star team of ten-year-olds, or sixteen-year-olds on a travel team, this book has everything you need to become the chief your village needs.

Steve Cleland

Steve Cleland is a seasoned entrepreneur, certified public accountant (CPA), certified fraud examiner (CFE), and sought-after speaker. Steve’s greatest passion is coaching sports. Steve has been coaching recreational, All-Star, club,…

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