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The TGG Way

The Numbers Aren’t The Most Important Thing For A Business, They Are The Only Thing

By: Matt Garrett


Pub Date: March 16, 2018



Accounting doesn’t have to be boring! Yes, solving equations and running numbers may not be the most compelling of activities, but when you see the profits that can result from proper accounting, you’ll find it’s the most exciting part of your business.

Author Matt Garrett is the CEO of TGG Accounting, and with The TGG Way, he details time-tested financial principles his firm uses that can be implemented in organizations of any size and industry.

The benefits of implementing the TGG Way are:

• peace of mind,
• significant cost savings and higher profits,
• increased cash flow, and
• elevated business value for the owners

By learning from the personal anecdotes in Matt’s own understanding and utilizing the fundamentals found within this book, you can
magnify your business’s net income and value.


Matt Garrett

Founder and CEO, TGG Accounting

Matt Garrett is the founder and CEO of TGG Accounting, which he founded in 2006 to deliver financial information to small and medium-sized businesses. His mission in life is to…

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