The Sexy Side Of Self-Storage

An Insider’s Guide To A Necessary Commodity

By: John C. Lindsey


Pub Date: June 8, 2021



Welcome to the glamorous world of storage brokering.

Think helping people buy and sell storage facilities around the world isn’t sexy? Think again.

• In the US alone, self-storage is a multi-billion-dollar industry.
• Every day, brokers help owners buy or sell one of 55,000 facilities in the US.
• Storage properties are a recession-proof commodity, with value-add opportunities ripe for buyers.
• Globally, storage is a fast-growing industry, doubling in size every year since 2008.
• It’s an industry ready for disruption, with trends shaking it up in management, logistics, and technology.

A second-generation self-storage owner, operator, developer, and broker, John C. Lindsey has been in the self-storage world his whole life. Since 2012, John has built one of the largest by volume self-storage brokerage companies in the US, with an approach that prioritizes win-wins between sellers and buyers. Now, John has compiled his approach into The Sexy Side of Self-Storage to shine a light on buying and selling, and to show where the industry is headed.

Whether you are an individual owner with a single self-storage facility or an institutional investor with a portfolio of properties, this book shows you the know-how and expertise you need to successfully sell or buy a property.

John C. Lindsey

Co-Founder and President at Lindsey Self Storage Group

A second-generation self-storage owner, operator, developer, and broker, John C. Lindsey has been in the self-storage world his whole life. Cofounder and president of Lindsey Self Storage Group, John has also served…

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