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The Reveal

Stepping Across The Line Into Retirement

By: Bryan Sommer


Pub Date: November 18, 2016



Retirement is fast approaching―one day you’re working hard to pay the bills, and the next you’re free to spend as you please. But in order to enjoy the fruits of your labor the most in retirement, you’ll have to prepare. That’s where The Reveal comes in.

Experienced investment advisor Bryan Sommer has helped families develop financial plans that will support them throughout their lives and beyond. Inside, you’ll learn from successful retirees how you can reduce your financial risks, so you can fulfill your dreams and enjoy your retirement years with confidence. Whether you’re nearing retirement or already there―this book can help.

Bryan Sommer

Investment Advisor, CIBC

Bryan Sommer is an investment advisor and portfolio manager with CIBC Wood Gundy. Bryan works closely with families and individuals to develop a financial plan that supports their goals and allows…

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