3d book cover of the power of persistent planning

The Power of Persistent Planning

A Review of Successful Financial Planning Strategies

By: Douglas B. Gross


Pub Date: November 17, 2016



You have made it. You have built your wealth and a lifestyle that pleases you―and you want to keep it that way. Whether you’re years from retirement or already enjoying it, the importance of proper financial management cannot be understated. Your mission is to stay on course for a long-lasting retirement with a reliable income that will meet your goals for the rest of your days. CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Douglas Gross shares vital techniques and strategies you can use to gain control of your financial future.

In The Power of Persistent Planning, you’ll discover:
• examples of financial challenges
• how to evaluate your financial advisor
• strategies for investing wisely
• techniques to protect your portfolio
• methods to minimize your taxes


Douglas B. Gross

Certified Financial Planner

Douglas B. Gross is a financial services advisor and planner based in Ann Arbor, MI. He provides wealth management and retirement planning services to individuals and organizations. He is also…

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