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The Money Talk

Retirement & Estate Planning For Indian Americans

By: Rajesh Jyotishi


Pub Date: April 25, 2017



Your family’s heritage of beginning anew in a foreign country is a bold move to take pride in―and indeed a legacy you want to continue by investing wisely. As an Indian American in the US, you may often face challenges pertaining to how to exist in “modern” society while adhering to what may feel like “old-world,” or traditional principles and values. You yearn to exist in both worlds while remaining financially savvy, enjoying a comfortable lifestyle, protecting your family, and investing in their future . . .

Such beginnings were Rajesh Jyotishi’s, a twenty-five year veteran of the financial-services industry. And now in THE MONEY TALK, he has compiled some of the most important lessons to accumulate, protect, and transfer your wealth in the most efficient way while avoiding enormous risks.


Rajesh Jyotishi

Founder, Shalin Financial Services, Inc.

Rajesh Jyotishi was born in Mumbai, India and has been living in Atlanta, Georgia for the majority of his life. Rajesh has been in the insurance and financial-services industry for…

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