The Meat & Potatoes Guide to Business Survival

A Handbook for Non-MBA's & College Dropouts

By: Ed Basler


Pub Date: December 5, 2014



Getting back to the business basics, no degree required.

“The Meat and Potatoes Guide to Business Survival” is the hands-on, entrepreneurial roadmap to achieving your business dreams – regardless of your educational background. Author, business owner, and 40-year entrepreneur Ed Basler serves up a hearty helping of sound business principles and practices to start a new business or jumpstart a current one. Through failure and success, economic upturns and downturns, Ed shows you how to be profitable using dedication, wisdom, and hard work instead of degrees and book theories. Inside these pages you’ll learn to:
• Develop a clear vision
• Find and incorporate good ideas to improve hiring and quality
• Run a lean, money-efficient operation
• Get more efficient using checklists and deadlines
• Improve customer service to generate referrals
• Avoid small business land mines


Ed Basler

CEO - E.J. Basler Co.

Ed Basler is a longtime entrepreneur and CEO of E.J. Basler Co., a company that provides precision-machined parts and solutions to companies all over the world. He is also a…

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