The Enduring Organization

How Leaders Revive & Sustain Relevance

By: Hal McLean and Frank Mellon


Pub Date: October 21, 2015



As a leader, your organization’s relevance rests in your hands. Whether you are approaching a rolling-over business model or need to step up your ongoing performance improvement processes, there must be a system in place to keep your organization continuously innovating and improving.

The Enduring Organization will show you how to painlessly adopt new, cutting-edge strategies and abandon outdated, inappropriate ones. This ensures your organization is equipped with nimble leaders who will successfully implement this new, refined business model.

There is no shortcut, but when you diligently follow the four-element leadership model posited in The Enduring Organization, you can imbue your team with enhanced capability. As a result, your organization will begin to habitually attain goals that once seemed unreachable.

Hal McLean and Frank Mellon

Partners, Mellon Solutions

Frank Mellon partners with executive teams to develop and execute lasting business solutions. He has extensive experience innovating in manufacturing, service and R&D industries. Hal McLean helps executive teams reinvent their business…

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