The Busy Doctor’s Investment Guide

How One Adjustment Per Month Can Save and Maintain Your Portfolio's Health

By: David Yeh, MD


Pub Date: April 15, 2015



Investment Strategies So Easy, a Doctor Could Do It.

As a busy physician, you spend your days weighing risks against benefits before prescribing tests or treatment plans for your patients. Why not round on and control your own portfolio with the same methodical process? The Busy Doctor’s Guide to Investing presents practical ways to optimize your portfolio’s health and put you in charge of your financial future―requiring little more than a few minutes each month, without costly financial managers.

Author David Yeh has spent 20 years researching, back testing and refining straightforward investment systems, allowing him to semi-retire at 45 years of age. David combines the tools of traditional money managers, the risk mitigation techniques of active market traders, as well as the pattern recognition and quantitative analytic skills of a diagnostic physician, to systematically reduce portfolio risk and thus improve your portfolio’s performance. Let David teach you to the simple fundamentals to nurture and grow your assets outside of your practice―the same techniques he uses to invest in his own account and the accounts of his clients.

David Yeh, MD

Founder, The Wealthy Doctor Institute

David Yeh, MD, is a practicing physician, speaker, author, investment advisor, and founder of The Wealthy Doctor Institute. David is an alumnus of Cornell University and New York University School…

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