The ABC’s of Business

Never Hire a Person Who Walks Slowly

By: Tony Falkenstein

Imprint: Advantage

Pub Date: November 12, 2015



The rules of business success don’t need to be complicated…just straightforward and easy to follow. This truism is lifted directly from the insights Tony Falkenstein gained over a long, textured and stimulating career in business – a career founded in common sense, tenacity and quick thinking. A deceptively simple handbook for entrepreneurs, The ABC’s of Business is a highly readable collection of lessons from the mind of a reputable entrepreneur and leader. Styled as a pep talk, Falkenstein’s book is littered with indispensable wisdom gathered from a series of Falkenstein’s highs and lows. It is recommended you reread a section every 21 days (See “H is for Habit”). The wisdom espoused is invaluable, widely applicable and timeless. ―Dr. Graeme Camp, University of Auckland Business School

Tony Falkenstein

Founder & CEO, Just Water International

Tony Falkenstein is the majority shareholder in Just Water International. His passion for entrepreneurship and business education have helped launch the Onehunga High Business and Building & Construction Schools. Tony…

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