The 9 a.m. Meeting

A High-Impact Approach To Making Work Meaningful, Energizing Employees, and Taming the Turnover Tiger

By: Doug Ecklund


Pub Date: June 29, 2016



Doug & Mitzi Ecklund’s company―and life together―was at a crossroads. They had signed a deal that would turn their six-location cellular company into a twenty-five store multi-market organization in just twelve months. The growth and stress almost ruined everything.

That’s when Doug and his team led by Nick Villotti stumbled onto a ridiculously simple solution that profoundly improved the lives of both their families and employees. It also unexpectedly dropped their Des Moines staff turnover rate from 86 percent to 26 percent IN A SINGLE YEAR.

The 9 a.m. Meeting is the inspiring story of how a simple company purpose statement, a morning meeting, and a commitment to enriching employees’ lives helped so many people reach for their dreams while helping the company grow to new heights.


Doug Ecklund

CEO, Cellular Advantage

Doug Ecklund is the longtime CEO of Cellular Advantage, a company that he and his wife Mitzi have grown from a single mall kiosk into one of the top US…

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