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Taxation with Representation

Advice from a Tax Resolution Specialist

By: Patrick LeClaire


Pub Date: July 25, 2017



Dealing with the IRS, being hit with unfair penalties, and trying to prevent an audit can be…taxing. That is, if you’re doing all that without the right help. Patrick LeClaire is able to you help you and your business beat the tax guy― because he is the tax guy.

In his book Taxation with Representation: Advice from a Tax Resolution Specialist, Patrick LeClaire―certified tax resolution specialist and enrolled agent with the IRS―breaks down the taxation process from the inside out so you know just what to be aware of and how to protect your business― and yourself―from it. Taxes are unavoidable, but the troubles that come with them are not.

Presented in this book are three complementary sections that deal with the IRS and tax issues:
•Part I: Getting Informed and Prepared
•Part II: Responding to ‘Issues’
•Part III Getting Help

The IRS can be scary, but after decades of experience, Patrick knows how to make the IRS your ally in resolving tax disputes. The advice and expertise within these pages are must-have resources for a small, midsize, or independent business owner who wants to maximize his or her profits―and minimize stress and hassle.

With his book, Patrick LeClaire is offering you the best return on investment you’ll ever see.


Patrick LeClaire

Owner, New Life Tax Resolution

Patrick LeClaire, EA, is a tax resolution expert who founded and serves as the CEO of New Tax Life Resolution. He holds a bachelor’s degree in accounting from Everest University,…

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