Jeff Moore Strive Together

Strive Together

Achieve Beyond Expectations In A Results-Obsessed World

By: Jeff Moore


Pub Date: October 10, 2019



Strive together to build a championship team.

Do you want to build winning teams or championship teams?

Winning teams are results-obsessed. Any result will do no matter how low the
bar―whatever it takes to compare favorably with The Competition. These teams
are built from the outside-in. Decisions are made after asking questions like:

“How will this look?” “How will this feel?” and, most importantly, “How will we compare?”

Championship teams are driven by a purpose that transcends winning.

Champions don’t compare – they compete based on the origin of compete, ‘to strive together.’ Championship teams are built from the inside-out. Decisions are made after asking:

“Will this align with who we are?” and, most importantly, “Will this make us better?”

Today we live in a world of ambiguity. Young people are entering a workplace that
is increasingly disruptive and unpredictable. Seeking to work collaboratively is no
longer sufficient to meet this challenge. Simply “working together” was perfect
for Henry Ford’s assembly line. But in today’s rapid change economy “striving
together” is required because productivity and the ability to constantly innovate
have become the keys to success.

Winning teams are focused on competing externally. They are built to project a
certain image. Championship teams are built to innovate. They compete internally and create their own best practices – which prepares them for anything the competition throws at them!

In Strive Together, Jeff Moore provides business leaders with a framework for
building teams that achieve beyond expectations in a rapid change environment
and helps leaders in education understand how to prepare young people to thrive
in ambiguity!


Jeff Moore

CEO of Moore Leadership, LLC

Jeff Moore helps organizations find top performers. At Texas, his teams beat the odds to win multiple National Championships. During his 23 year career at the University of Texas, Jeff’s…

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