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Stress-Test Your Retirement

Creating A Plan For An Ever-Changing Economy

By: Matt Gulbransen


Pub Date: January 25, 2017



Each one of us has individual goals, lifestyles, and experiences that shape the way we travel through life. And yet, so many people still follow broad, one-size-fits-all retirement plans. How does that make any sense?

In Stress-Test Your Retirement, experienced financial advisor Matt Gulbransen does not offer a secret “retirement formula” you can follow. Instead, he provides an abundance of information and strategies you can utilize to tailor a retirement plan to your specific situation.

You’ll discover how to:
•define your ideal retirement
•develop a realistic budget for your future retirement needs
•utilize different retirement savings plans
•invest your money wisely
•minimize taxes in retirement
•protect yourself with insurance
•design an estate plan

Take action today to lay the foundation for your financial future. You’ll not only have peace of mind now; you’ll also have the potential of a carefree, adventurous, and vibrant retirement!


Matt Gulbransen

Certified Financial Planner

Matt Gulbransen began his career as a Financial Advisor with Morgan Stanley. Seeking more independence, he moved to a local community bank, Anchor Bank. Matt spent 8 years in their…

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