Small Business Cyber Security

Your Customers Can Trust You...Right?

By: Adam Anderson and Tom Gilkeson


Pub Date: January 26, 2016



Your company is a fortress―secure, safe, and productive―but when there is
a threat, you, the “superhero IT person,” are pinned with solving the problem.
What if preemptive action was taken to create a framework for an accessible
and executable security plan? Security is everyone’s business, and making it
such is vital in order to:

• educate staff throughout the company and address the status quo
• know what to do with risk
• build solid security into systems and ways of business

Adam Anderson and Tom Gilkeson expose trends that the leading cybersecurity
professionals in the nation are dealing with so that you, the individual
security expert, are able to use the tools and techniques necessary to
deal with your company’s security needs and communicate them to C-level


Adam Anderson and Tom Gilkeson

Founder, Palmetto Security Group

Adam Anderson has nearly two decades’ experience working in cyber and cybersecurity issues, starting with work on the Y2K dilemma at the age of twenty-two to founding Palmetto Security Group…

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