Setting Them Straight

The Fact-Based Guide To A Spectacular Smile Through Orthodontics

By: Dante Gonzales


Pub Date: April 16, 2019



Do you ever wonder why your general dentist can’t perform certain procedures? Or, maybe, there are different treatment options they’re just not telling you about? There may come a time in your life where you have issues beyond what your average dentist has trained for, and it’s crucial to see an orthodontist as early as possible before these issues escalate.

Setting Them Straight: The Fact-Based Guide to a Spectacular Smile through Orthodontics dives straight into the world of orthodontics, explaining what these specialists can and can’t do to help solve your problems. In this book, you’ll learn about many things, including:

  • The difference between a general dentist and an orthodontist
  • The history behind orthodontics
  • Types of appliances used to treat common teeth and jaw issues
  • How orthodontic procedures can treat seemingly unrelated issues, such as sleep apnea

Dr. Dante Gonzales will guide you through what it means to be a leading orthodontist in the field, as well as the history behind specific modern orthodontic treatments and appliances. By educating yourself on the most up-to-date practices available and seeking out a qualified professional, you can rest assured that your smile will be nothing less than spectacular.

Dante Gonzales

Founder, Dante Gonzales Orthodontics

Dr. Dante Gonzales found a passion for orthodontics early on in his career. After graduating from UCLA, he received his dental degree from Tufts University in Boston, and further pursued…

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