Sales Stampede

How To Sell More of Your Products or Services in 75 Minutes Than You Now Do All Year

By: Dave Dee


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If you sell products, services, coaching, or consulting and want to work less and make more money, Dave Dee’s book, Sales Stampede: How to Sell More of Your Products or Services in 75 Minutes Than You Do All Year, will be your all-in-one guide, and will show you how to break the chains of one-to-one selling and exponentially increase your sales without doing more work. You will discover how to position yourself as an expert instead of a commodity, acquire customers faster and more easily than ever before, and experience a quantum, instantaneous increase in your profits through the art of one-to-many selling. If you’re looking for incremental improvement in your sales and income, then this book is not for you. But, if you are looking to achieve explosive sales growth, look no further. The strategies in this book are so revolutionary that they transform ordinary selling into a completely new and more effective process—not just an improved one. This book provides you with an invaluable opportunity that will change your business life forever.


Dave Dee

Owner, Dave Dee Inc.

Dave Dee has been helping entrepreneurs sell more of their products and services through webinars and in-person group presentations for the past 15 years. Many know him as the man…

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